Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Ok so I got PLENTY of flack from my mom and Kerri about posting so here it is....SUMMER IS HERE! I know news flash for everyone right? haha Well we have been havin' so much fun that would be my excuse for no computer time...and also that Kenny is getting his Masters online and that takes up most of the computer time...excuses away here's a snip it of what we've been up to:

Kenny and I had our 4th anniversary on June 9. We knew that we want to have a baby around the end of the school yr. next yr which puts all 5 year anniversay celebrations on hold so what do we do....DO IT EARLY! :) hehe we have been saving and Kenny REALLY wanted to take me to California since the last time I was there I was 3...good old 1989!! So ya gotta do things big right since it had been 21 years!BTW he planned it all and it was all a SURPRISE to me! haha It all started in...

Vegas-Where I played craps! yes indeed! I was the "shooter" and won people lots of money...and I will say my faith in this world was renewed when two players paid it forward $125!!! granted I won them TONS of money... I was still SHOCKED when handed that money in chips...:)

DISNEYLAND!!!-What can I say?? those who have been there....yeah It was the best place on earth. I will admit tears of happiness leaked out a bit...I was SOOO excited! Kenny got sick...so I rode alot by myself but it didn't stop me! Hardly anyone was there and I rode EVERYTHING I wanted to at both Disneyland and Cali. Adventure...and yes I rode the teacups alone! :) but hey I like it!:) and so did all of the other 7 year olds!

Newport Beach- No one here again...it was beautiful. We boogy boarded and collected lots of great shells...I loved spendin the day on the beach!

Six Flags-....alas no one at this park either! :) in 6 hours I rode it ALL!! again and again and again! :) Kenny got motion sick but yeah....he was a trooper and watched me :) I loved this park as well! no tears but still great...Poor Lagoon...it looks like a baby park now...

Venice (Muscle) Beach- I did see one muscle-y kinda guy....hehe it was funny. It was a nice day and we had great time.

Vegas- Just a night stop...we watched Iron Man 2 in IMAX...very cool!

Home.... (too quickly)
Whenever I figure out how to arrange all the pics on here....I will...

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KymandKalab said...

Sounds like so much fun! And don't feel bad about riding the tea cups with the other 7 year olds. I went when I was 13-rode everything...and stood in line with very young kids to get the characters' autographs!